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Monday, June 27th, 2005
12:10 am

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Wednesday, December 8th, 2004
12:39 am
Ok, so its been awhile since i last put an entry in here. Well..alot has happened in the last month. I seem to have lost friends that i have had for years. No returned phone calls, no answering my calls, and i dont know what i have done wrong. Ok, granted that the last time i saw them i got a little too fucked up and they had to babysit me, but that was only once. Alot of people think that I drink too much, yeah, so maybe I did, but not anymore. I did leave school with classmates and go to hte bar and stuff like that and came back smelling like a brewery, but i put that behind me. I did spend the last 10 weekends previous to the last one drunk. But you know what, i found new friends in the ones i have been the last 4 weekends in Bristol. See I can have sober fun too. Well, that wasnt sober, but i have had sober times with them too. The last weekend that just passed,i spend not drinking, and it was the best weekend I have had, possibly ever. And what happened last weekend was better than i have experienced before. I went up and i saw stacy. I havent seen her since the summer of 2001. She is doing sooo good. We made this connection with her that i never thought that i could h ve with someone. We are able to finish each others sentences. We think alot alike act alike, its odd, but i love it. She makes me happy. Ive never had anything like this happen to me before. Then we did have sex...and god i cant describe it..that frickin good. Well more to come later. I need sleep now...ill explain more in the next entry.

Current Mood: happy

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Sunday, November 14th, 2004
8:56 pm
Hmm, it was interesting. I talked to someone today who i have not talked to in about three years. We spent two hours on the phone trying to catch up. It was a very good conversation, and im glad that it happened. Hopefully we can become friends again.

Current Mood: happy

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Friday, November 12th, 2004
12:09 am
The god of it all yules supreme over the kitchen sink while moses is in the tub. Charlemagne wants to know where the parties at, but napolean tried to conquer him. I was sitting in the back thinking, i probably shouldnt of invited all these people/deities over. I mean, look....god is drunk ....moses is high, and he thinks he is swimming in liquid methane, Charlegmagne is just an idiot, and napolean and his damn complex thinks he can take charge. I wonder what will happen when Edgar Allen Poe, Roosevelt, and King Charles arrive. Wait a second, I got to go...hitler is at the door.....who the hell invited him? Fucking Stalin...thats who.


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Tuesday, November 9th, 2004
12:21 am
really, dont ask

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Friday, November 5th, 2004
11:33 pm
the week exhausts me, it really does. fridays i am so bored, i have off school, and i want to do something, but i have no energy. That, compiled with the fact i can never get in touch with anyone on fridays, it kinda makes it hard to do anyhting. Even if i do end up finding something to do...I have to get up at 6 AM every saturday for work. Ohh well, moneys money.

you cant see it
you cant feel it
but its in your life
and you cant be without it
the days go by
and how they fly
if you cant find it
ill always be here
so dont shed a tear
dont fret
dont fear
ill always be near
to make your days bright
as bright as can be
so just dont forget
when you scream
ill hear

"The question isnt how far are you willing to take it, but if you have the constitution and the strength of faith to take it as far as it needs to go."

Current Mood: exhausted

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Thursday, October 28th, 2004
11:58 pm
Ok, so Im in school right? There are teachers right? Arent the teachers supposed to have some sort of knowledge? Then tell me this, why did i find 5 wrong answers on my test that were actually right? My teacher took the test to make the answer key, and he got 5 wrong! He ended up getting a 90....on his own damn test! and i got a 92....what a world what a world. In fact, the entire class did better than he did. Ohh great...I have to be with him for 5 more months too...this is vunderbal. Now Im tired, pissed off, hungry, and thirsty. Theres nothing in the house to eat or drink tooWhat a wonderful fucking night. I hate this. Hopefully tomorrow night will be better. I did have a good DAY though. Hung out with the Godfearing Gigalo, and gave kelly a ride to work. It was good, then i went to school. The school ruined my night. I mine as well head off to bed and wait for another day to start. See ya all later.

Current Mood: WTF?!?

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Tuesday, October 26th, 2004
11:47 pm
Damn, spaghettios are good

Current Mood: FLUSHY

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12:05 am
So, I have a decision to make. Should I join the air force or not? Ive talked to a few people, and they all say its a good decision. They also say I should join now and do a delay option until I get out of school because there is a waiting list. Ive been told that if i go in with an Airframe and Powerplant Technicians license there would throw me a little extra money, an extra stripe and a gaurantee to aviation school. So I guess i should talk to a recruiter and get some detail, then i can make a decision. I dont know. Im really interested, because I have a plan. i would do active for about 5 or 6 years, and get experience, because most civilian jobs require experience, and it is hard to get it out of the military. After those six years or so, I would go into the reserves, and get my civilian job, and by then ill be what, 27 or so? Six years under my belt and a good paying civilian job. I think the hardest part would be going away and not seeing my friends. Hmm, I guess i just have to figure this one out.

Current Mood: PONDERING

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Sunday, October 24th, 2004
7:09 pm
Was there ever a saturday night, someone tell me, cause i surely dont remember one. The little blurbs and snipbits i remember tell me it was an amazing night. Thanks Kelly and Chuck for inviting me. My bottle of grey goose is now on a wall of fame, cause i drank half of it(i saw it in the morning, but i surely dont remember signing it). Those six smirnoffs or so and a few twisted tea things kinda just made the night more fuzzy, wouldnt you say? As today went by, little pieces of last night come back to me, such as the double smirnoff drink, that went down well, lol. OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Damn, its like 7PM and I still feel like shit, but i dont care, cause i had a great time. I woke up at like 11AM at the kids house, by the way, thanks for letting me crash there, and i couldnt figure out how i got onto the couch, where the hell my car was, and why my back and my legs hurt soo much. Someone told me a fell on my face and on my back a few times. Hmmmmm...they invited me to their halloween party next weekend, i think i may just go, but i got to get in touch with the chuckster cause he knows them, and i dont have anybodies number or whatever. SOOOOOOOOO once again, thanks chuck and kelly for inviting me last night, cause last night was insane and we should hang out more often, cause i dont think we hang out enough. alrighty, time to try to recooperate some more, ill talk to you all later


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Friday, October 22nd, 2004
5:02 pm

Current Mood: I DONT KNOW

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Thursday, October 21st, 2004
10:54 am
Howdy ho there good readers! today is thursday, just another day in a crappy week, school work school work school work......its sooo fun. two hours sleep last night, wake up late, go to work, get there late, and then, whoopeeee! tread seperation starting in the tire of my spiritmobile. what a wonderful day, and its only 11 AM!!! ohh well, shit happens, what can i say?

hmmmmmmm.....drunkin bowling this weekend anyone? that sounds good...now to get people to go, and more importantly, someone to drive. That could be a glitch in the plan. We'll see how things turn out. All bout the drunkin bowling, that was good times last time it happened, anybody remember that? HAHA or do you remember it? Thats a good question to be answered.

Pardon me while I burst into flames.

Ok, all better now. Had to find some halon to extinguish myself. Now back to the sleepiness known to me as midday. Go have yourself an Aqueous Transmission. Mr. Planters is coming to your house tonite. He wants you to play with his nuts. Possibly eat his Honey Roasted nuts and his salted cashew. You can find them for 3.99 at acme. Just look for the display with the giant naked peanut man standing there violating you.You like it, dont say you dont.

Further down the river

Damnit, I fell out of my boat. Where am I now, look out, here comes Aunt Jemima pouring her sweet love sauce on your pancakes. Take a journey in my dreams. Edgar Allen poe and Willie Shakespeare hear a heart beating from underneath the floorboards while Othello is weeping in the corner. What happened here? Only the undying mind will ever know. The cabin is old and rotting, but it suits your needs well. Enter it and rest in sweet slumber.

Disenchanting Discourse

My sanity walks away. Im not politically corect. Ohh well, who is anymore? Who are you voting for? Im gonna vote for Bush. I hope you do too, but i really dont care who you vote for, and thats the beauty of a free country. Tattered American Flag Tattoo. It may be tattered, but it will be there forever.

"No bright eyes in this dark night; leave behind, drive on in absence of light"


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Tuesday, October 19th, 2004
12:11 am
dont you hate it when you sit sown, and forgot that you put something in the seat and it peirces your ass check, lol. well, that just happened, stupid piece of a wing i built for school decided to make an aluminum surprise. man, i hate gettin outta school so late. i get out at 11:35, get home by 11:50, eat, check mail, and get to bed by like 12:30. that wouldt be so bad if i didnt have to get up at 4:30 am for work damnit! eh, its all good though, makes the week go by fast, and before you know it, another weekend will rool around and time for some partying once again! hmmmm.... i think that it may be food time. I LOVE FOOD!! , but who doesnt, lol. so, its off to the kitchen, then bed, ill catch ya all on the flip side.


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Monday, October 18th, 2004
3:15 am
315AM......ohhhhhhhh welll. saturday night and sunday nights are the only nights i can stay up late, so i will savor the opportunity. did you know its cold outside???? well i didnt. you see, im so tired right now, im just blabbering about random things, such as blahdy blah.

every person on this earth can find a connection in music and can find a release in a son. listening to that song is relaxing and eases stress. sometimes that song will change, depending on the mood of the person.

travelling for some people is an inspiration. for others it means relaxation, some excitment, and even more it can be nerveracking and stressful. for me, i take it as relaxation.

why am i like this tonite, all i want to do is write, but its kinda cool. alotta things has gone through my head tonite about so many different things. flat out crazy humor to completely serious thoughts about life, the world and the universe, i even ended up outside at like 130AM staring at the stars for a little bit. just one of those nights i guess. kinda relaxing though. ii came into tonite so wound up and hyper, and now im kinda just mellowed out, and its nice to feel this way because thoughts just seem to flow more freely. i had time to think about alotta things that have been bothering me, and i realize that they are not that big of a deal as i was making them out to be. just one of those nights, one of those good nights.

Sleepy time.

"You are a prism with an intellect, you throw your light selectivly."

Current Mood: Transdecent

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2:29 am
Incubus, an amazing band.

Current Mood: relaxed

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12:15 am
Team America:World Police - a must see. a must see...drunk. either sober, or a little toasted is a very fine way to see this movie of genious caliber. Went to see this today for the second time in three days. Its been out for three days, haha, im a loser, but you already know that dont you? so lets see, 3 weeks of being single for the first time in three years, how do i describe it???? fun for now i suppose. yeah, i miss the ex, but its what we needed. we werent really happy i guess, we are young, and i dont think either of us were really ready to be tied down. hey, i learned alot from that rlationship. i learned how to really treat a girl to make her happy, and i kinda have a better idea of what they want. as a guy though, i dont know if ill ever totally know what a girl wants, but at least now i have a pretty good idea of what i think they want, but who knows, i could also be totally wrong. thats what makes the opposite sex exciting and makes you want to be around them more. i think that making that one special person smile is all that should be needed for someone. the feeling you get deep down from watching that person smile is enough to make it through any day. its sad that the world we live in today that most people dont recognize that fact and make too many things materialistic. yeah, i do too sometimes, but i also like to savor the small and free things in life as well. Hey, they say the best things in life are free, and sometimes they really are.

"swallow and chew,, eat you alive, all of us food, for the mosquito, so follow the light."

Current Mood: contemplative

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Sunday, October 17th, 2004
11:59 pm
More writing, going crazy in head, hahahahhaha, random words put together make some sort of crazy sense, read below you see what i mean, all in all, what the hell do i mean?

20th Century Gallery

save me from my own mind
this 20th century gallery has gotten to me
its all in print now,
come inside dont be blue,
we'll be here through it all,
just dont go and give up the call

days go by;usually with no relief
did it really come to this?
1995 and it seems like im not alive
security comes in doses
sometimes more trouble than its worth
always remember that this century will end
brighter days ahead, the warmth will return.

so dont wait by the phone,
make your own century end
the 20th century gallery needs to be left behind
2001 ahead with the need to be fed
in your heart make it known,
we'll always be there,
so dont cause your own time to end

Current Mood: crazy

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11:52 pm
Something new to try, maybe this will give me an outlet, but an outlet to what you say?????? possibly from me, or from zlorg. nah, just an outlet for me to write different things i suppose, well, since this is a first post, lets display some little known talent which probably doesnt exist in me, haha. heres a song that me and my friend tim-O wrote, if anybody wants to hear it in a song,{ with real music and all!} email my, or just plain old let me know.


A park lay ahead in the sky
shimmering lights, twilight nights
flat and dark, the relaxation park.
silence around, thoughts are unbound
slumber in this land, stars twinkle bright
flat and dark, this relaxation park.

No bright eyes in this dark night
Leave behind, drive on in absence of light
Stars above, clouds below
Searching out the relaxtion park

A park lay ahead in the sky
shimmering lights, twilight nights
flat and dark, the relaxation park.
silence around, thoughts are unbound
slumber in this land, stars twinkle bright
flat and dark, this relaxation park.

Peering through these bloodshot eyes
the outside sneaks its own way in
The paths once were serpentine
Now just a journey laced wth harmony

Stellar lights gleam the true way
Reasoning becomes clear
Travelling is the muse
Never got there, but have arrived

A park lay ahead in the sky
shimmering lights, twilight nights
flat and dark, the relaxation park.
silence around, thoughts are unbound
slumber in this land, stars twinkle bright
flat and dark, this relaxation park.

Current Mood: hyper

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